Guidelines for museum behavior

It is necessary to observe silence on the territory of the museum and not to disturb other visitors.

The following are prohibited on the territory of the museum:

  • Take pictures with a flash;
  • Make video recordings without the permission of the museum administration;
  • Enter premises intended for official use;
  • Consume any foods and drinks;
  • To carry weapons of any kind;
  • Post announcements, advertising materials, conduct surveys and distribute goods, as well as conduct any public actions without prior agreement with the museum administration.
  • Enter with pets;
  • Smoking, being in an intoxicated state, consuming alcoholic beverages, drugs and prohibited medications;
  • Behave uncivilized.

For non-compliance with the above rules, the museum's security service has the right to remove the visitor without compensation for the ticket price.

  •  Children under 14 are allowed to enter only if accompanied by an adult.
  • Parents are responsible for their children.
  • The Administration is not responsible for lost or unattended items.
  • With the purchased ticket, you can visit the museum only once (exiting and re-entering is not allowed!).
  • The ticket issued at the ticket office must be in the visitor's possession until the end of the visit.

The museum administration can amend and supplement the above Rules.

Buying a ticket automatically confirms your agreement with these rules.

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