Guidelines for museum behavior

  1. At the territory of the Museum of Jellyfish is forbidden:
    • Take a video;
    • Put your hands in open aquariums;
    • To enter the premises, intended for official use;
    • To use any products and drinks;
    • To carry weapons of any kind;
    • Place advertisements, promotional materials, conduct surveys and distribute products, as well as conduct any public campaign without prior agreement with the Administration of the Museum of Jellyfish;
    • come with pets;
    • To smoke, to be drunk, to drink alcohol, to use drugs and forbidden medicines;
    • Being non-cultural;
    • Interfere with other visitors.

For non-compliance with the above rules, the Security of Museum of Jellyfish has the right to withdraw a visitor without compensation for the ticket price.

  1. Children under 12 years of age are allowed to enter only with the assistance of an adult.
  2. Parents are responsible for children. 4. Please keep quiet 5. For lost or left unattended things the Administration does not bear responsibility.

Buying a ticket automatically confirms your acceptance of these rules.

The Administration of the Museum of Jellyfish reserves the right to unilaterally modify and supplement the above Regulations.


Turn the device over for a comfortable viewing.
Planning an excursion