About museum

The Jellyfish Museum was opened at the end of 2018. It was a completely new and bold project, which was created by a team of professional aquarists.
The Jellyfish Museum was a challenge to ourselves. We wanted to surprise not only the residents and guests of the capital city, but the whole Ukraine. We are sure that even experienced travelers will be delighted by our collection of live jellyfish. Because these creatures are so fragile, mysterious and incredibly beautiful!

Come and you will learn how many species of jellyfish known to mankind inhabit the Earth, which of them are deadly poisonous, and which jellyfish is the only immortal creature on the planet. You will see our exotic collection of jellyfish, you will be able to observe their leisurely dance in the aquarium and learn many interesting and useful facts about them.

And also, we would like to inform that right now we are working with new jellyfish museum project in USA.

The project will soon be open for investment.
You can leave an application on the official website  and terms will be sent.
As soon as the legal formalities are completed, the shares will be issued and they will be divided among the applicants.

More information about our team and created projects you find on website of Aleksandr Yanovskyi

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