About museum

The museum of jellyfish is a completely new and daring project that has been bred by a team of professional aquarists under the leadership of Aleksandr Yanovsky for many years. This team has implemented quite a few interesting and challenging projects, including the Kiev Aquarium «Marine fairy tale» and the highest aquarium in Ukraine, created in the Lviv’s restaurant «36Po».

So now we are challenging ourselves and want to surprise not only the residents of Ukraine, but also the guests of the  Ukraine. We are sure that even the most experienced travelers will be fascinated by our collection of jellyfish. These creatures are mysterious and incredibly beautiful.

Visit us! And you will find out how many jellyfish on the planet are known to man, which jellyfish are deadly poisonous and which jellyfish is the only immortal creature on the planet. You will be introduced to our collection of jellyfish and learn a lot of interesting and even useful  facts about them.

But remember! The life cycle of many jellyfish is very short, what means that our collection will be updated at least three times a year!

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